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You are invited to join us in co-creating a nourishing retreat centered in Sisterhood & Ka'nnection


The Sisterhood Retreat is a three-day ceremony into deep remembrance and pure embodiment. We gather as "Women, Womxn, Wmn." Welcoming Cis and Non-Binary female-bodied beings, all those who identify as women.

We welcome diverse backgrounds from all walks of life who wish to gather.

Our days will be honored through ceremony, both for self-reflection and as a celebration of sisterhood. Soul exploration will be facilitated through embodiment practices such as yoga, movement, meditation, and various sisterhood activities, all aimed at supporting our collective journey of co-creation.

Our nights will be a time of ecstatic dance, Yoni Steaming, and songs sung around the warmth of the fire, beneath the star-filled sky. These evenings will focus on integration and connection, accompanied by comforting tea.


* sisterhood * song circles * womb healing * flower mandalas * medicine wheel * yoni steaming * painting * nourishing meals * slumber party *

Wish to journey deep into your Womb Space

Are ready to strengthen your relationship with the Elements

Seek a healing and transformative experience

Are longing for ceremony and ritual

Are ready to be seen in your authentic expression

Seek a supporting & loving Sisterhood

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What's included?

3 Days, 2 Night Accommodation at Inner Circle Farm

Onsite Camping OR Commune Sleeping Options

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Much more...

We are deeply grateful for our devoted guides, and teachers.


What you'll receive:

 A deep remembrance of your purpose here on this Earth

A Sisterhood Yoni Steam Circle with LEIAMOON

Connections with sisters that will last you a lifetime

Heart Opening Ceremonial Cacao

A Sekhem Initiation Ceremony

Song Medicine that will unleash the power of your voice, while clearing blockages

Womb Education and practices

An abundance of songs to return home with and share with others

Sisterhood Slumber Party

7 Nourishing and wholesome meals

A divine connection to Sacred Land, that will heal you on a cellular level

An Initiation into our Sacred Sisterhood

+ Much more...

Upon Availability & Approval, we will respond with a link to your
preferred exchange method.

There are still 2 Early Bird Tickets available, so apply today!
Payment Plans are Available.


5% of the proceeds will be donated to organizations we believe in.

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