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Welcome sweet sister, our hearts sing knowing you have found yourself here, curious and open to the journey ahead. Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School is a safe place for Womban to gather, create, to learn, heal and REMEMBER one’s connection to the Divine. The word Sekhem translates to Power and Strength - that is gifted when one connects to their HEARTS MEDICINE. 


Through our classes and Ceremonies, we teach nothing you do not already contain and know deep within you. You will simply be guided to REMEMBER your deep connection to Great Spirit and SELF. She waits for you, your SOUL, and we are here holding space for you through it all. Sisterhood has been the medicine needed for this world, for far too long. To bring balance, harmony, and healing to humanity, all beings, and the Earth Mother. Through this shared sacred space we can offer this to ourselves, our communities, and the world. 



We opened in 2020, during the pandemic. Khem Reyall, the founder, listened to Great Spirit asking her to share the medicine of Sekhem Remembrance to anyone who felt called to receive this free Clairaudient Energetic Guidance. This offering opened up a portal of REMEMBRANCE and many became curious. Over time they asked to learn and study what Khem was offering. Seeking a deeper relationship with Energy Healing, Clairaudience, Sound, but above all Creator. 


Khem has been practicing since 2016. Sitting with her teachers, Guides, and Great Spirit. Her official practice didn’t open until her guides insisted in 2020. Around the same time Hear the Sacred Sounds was birthed. A Sacred Space and course of deep journey work and discovering one’s own Clairaudient and Energetic abilities.


Beyond our courses and certification training, we offer and facilitate Sisterhood Retreats, Sound Baths, Community Ceremonies, Dance Circles, and Story Nights. We’re a safe space for all womb carriers to share, connect, grow and expand their lives in all aspects. We’ve created virtual and in-person offerings so that this may be accessible to all.


Sekhem Remembrance Mystery school is a Sisterhood - expanding further than just one person, or one teacher. It’s a community and space for ALL Gifted Womban to share their medicine, creative heARTS, and gifts with the world! Sharing the intention of bringing healing to the collective. Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School is a place to learn all about the Hidden Mysteries that live within all of us, to trust in the Unknown, connect to Spirit, live a devotional path of love and acceptance, and deeply understand the Alkhemies of the Universe.


May we all REMEMBER.

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