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March 2025


Are you a spiritually gifted woman yearning to walk a ceremonial path of collective harmony, health, love, and vitality? The Sekhem High Priestess Path Year-Long Mentorship Program invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, remembrance, and mastery. This unique opportunity is created for those ready to embrace a spiritually attuned lifestyle, deepen their practice, and make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others. 


Explore the profound teachings and comprehensive experience of our year-long mentorship program.

What is Sekhem?

The very word "Sekhem" echoes through time, resonating with the promise of unlocking the immense potential that lies within you. At the heart of this sacred practice, Sekhem unveils the secrets of harnessing the purest form of life force energy, connecting us to the cosmic wellspring that flows through the universe.


Known alternatively as Seichim or SKHM, Sekhem draws its strength from the ancient roots of Egyptian spiritual and healing traditions. Far beyond the confines of conventional energy healing, Sekhem emerges as a transcendent force—a conduit to align body, mind, and spirit. The term "Sekhem," rooted in the Egyptian language, carries the weight of "power" and "might," symbolizing a potent force capable of being harnessed to uplift individuals on their journey to embrace and embody their highest soul calling.

Sekhem is a muse that inspires the heart center to unfurl its petals, granting access to the very core of one's soul and establishing a profound connection to Earth, Heaven, and Spirit. As the gates of the heart swing open, the journey of remembrance commences, ushering in waves of healing, wisdom, and an ever-expanding influx of living light energy. In this sacred dance with Sekhem, individuals find themselves on a transformative path, where the luminosity of their essence is revealed, and the threads of their connection to the vast cosmos are woven into the fabric of their existence.


what it means to be a Sekhem High Priestess

Over a year, immerse yourself in the path of a Sekhem High Priestess – a Warrior of Love.

𓆃 Deep Inner Wisdom: Connect with all aspects of life.

𓆃 Vessel for Ancient Mysteries: Transmit the universe's teachings.

𓆃 Receptive to Life's Lessons: Grow spiritually, Grow spiritually, by recognizing the lessons woven into the fabric of life.

𓆃 Embrace Personal Growth: Connect deeply with everything.

𓆃 Explore Boundaries: Become infinite with the love of Spirit and the ceremony of life.

👇🏽 Enroll Today and Step onto Your Path of Devoted Commitment Toward Embodying Your Ultimate Truth.

What the Mentorship Program Offers:

The Sekhem High Priestess Path Mentorship Program provides an immersive experience of the teachings of Sekhem and other Ancient Alkhemies, as well as Sound Energy. The program aims to support the growth and transformation of participants, and it is unlike any other, as it takes you home to your soul, purifying and cleansing your psyche. This allows the living light energy of Creator Spirit to flow through you and enables you to fulfill your highest calling.


Our mentorship program is led by Sekhem High Priestess Khem Reyall, alongside her sisters Natasha Marie, Marissa Dinki, Sharon "Share The Light", and Natalia Rose and her Spirit Mother, Laura Parker.

Through this program, you'll discover your highest soul calling and empower yourself to bring harmony and love into every aspect of your life, alkhemizing transformation in those around you.

Enrollment Details

  • Limited to 12 Students for 2025

  • First Semester: March 5, 2025, to June 25, 2025

  • Second Semester: September 10, 2025, to December 3, 2025

  • Finals Due: February 21, 2025, after a 2.5-month integration break.


Key Features:


Personal Student Portal:

Access pre-recorded videos and temple work.


Live Temple Group Calls:

Connect on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays via Zoom.


One-on-One Calls:

Schedule personalized sessions with Khem Reyall.


Sekhem Intensive Weekend Retreat:

Join our Sekhem Sisterhood in Patterson, NY (additional fee).

Upon enrollment, students receive an email containing resources to prepare for our 12-month journey, as well as our 2025 Class Schedule. In February 2025, students will be sent private portals with all program materials.

If you’d like more information about this mentorship program, get in touch today.


Energy Exchange

EARLY BIRD - $2528 

Limited Spots, Ends September 1, 2024


Limited Spots, Begins November 1, 2024

Please note that the price of the program does not include the Sekhem Intensive Retreat in November 2024.

We offer personalized payment plans to make this possible for all sisters.

We are only offering 12 spots this year to honor all student's learning experiences.

To join our 2026 waitlist click here.


To preserve the sanctity and confidentiality of our program, we've given a short overview. If you require additional details or have any inquiries, please feel free to schedule a Discovery Call with us.

March - April

Earth Element

During the months of March and April, our focus will be on the Element of Earth. We will dedicate this period to honoring our ancestors and working with the natural world, including plant guides and animal spirits. You will learn how to identify and awaken this element within yourself and the world around you. This includes exploring astrological signs and related frequencies.

April - May

Water Element

Moving on to April and May, we will delve into the Water Element and begin exploring the Spirit World, learning how to connect with our emotional energetic bodies and safely open ceremonial spaces. This section of the course will also cover all astrological signs associated with water, Goddess Wisdom, Womb Wellness, Human Design and the frequencies that open water portals.

May - June

Fire Element

From May to June, we will discover the Fire Element, focusing on soul activations and meeting our true selves. We will work to understand any limiting beliefs and fully embody our Sacred Flame through tools such as Breathwork, Creative Expression, Shadow Work, Boundaries, and Alkhemy. 


We will have a 2-month summer break to integrate and apply what we've learned to complete our summer temple work.

Semptember - October

Air Element

Moving on to September and October, we will explore the element of Air, learning how to work in partnerships and strengthen communication. You will receive zodiac signs associated with this element and explore the sounds of Air.

October - November

Ether Element

During the months of October and November, we will be focusing on the element of Ether. This will involve studying the sounds and zodiac signs associated with this element. We will also be working with Elders and learning to respect the Master Teacher. Our focus for this month will be on cultivating respect and honoring the sacredness of our work.

Sekhem Intensive Retreat

Nov 14-16, 2025

We invite all Sekhem Sisters for an in-person intensive. Our gathering aims to deepen our understanding of Sekhem while exploring what it means to live in Sacred Devotion to Spirit and our highest calling. Throughout the retreat, we will practice Sekhem Energy Healing while focusing on strengthening the energy within Sisterhood and holding deep space to REMEMBER.


Enrollment is an Additional - $188-$628 Sliding Scale. We encourage all sisters to complete this training within the two years during and after their mentorship program. 

November - December

Closing Month

November to December will be our closing month, where we will focus on fully integrating and begin sharing the teachings we have received with our families and communities.



In March, we will come together one final time to share a final project showcasing our journey, in a closing ceremony.

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