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Sekhem High Priestess Path
Mentorship Program

We invite you to place your hands on your heart, take a deep inhale, and truly welcome in unconditional love.


“Do you feel the love of Spirit calling you home?”


Sekhem is an Ancient Egyptian healing system that inspires the energy of the heart center to open, allowing one to access their soul and their connection to the earth, heaven, and Spirit. When the gates of the heart open, we begin our remembrance process, subsequently receiving healing, wisdom, and ever-increasing levels of living light energy. 


With great honor, we invite you to step onto your path of committed devotion toward living a life of harmony.

Throughout the mentorship, we will explore the teachings of Alkhemies, Sound Healing, Astrology, Ancestral Healing, Shadow Work, Human Design, Creative Expression, and other practices that promote remembrance.


Everyone deserves access to these transformative teachings, so we offer payment plans and scholarships for eligible students. All of our classes will be virtual, except for our in-person Retreat in November of 2025, where we'll come together to deepen our practice, in Patterson, NY.


This will be an impactful Remembrance journey, and we would love for you to join us!

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All love,

The Sekhem Sisterhood

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This Annual Mentorship program is available only once a year!

Thanks for applying.

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