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Pillars of Ka'nnection

With Khem Reyall and Marissa Dinki

Ka - Vital Life Force of the Soul

Ka’nnection - Vital Relationships and connections that are created in and from the soul

At the Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School, the belief in the power of Ka'nnection is upheld. It is considered as the vital life force of the soul, and how and from where relationships and connections wish to be created. We celebrate and cultivate these Pillars of Ka'nnection to create strong and sacred bonds, even when challenges may arise in relationships. The pillars are deemed crucial in sustaining connection and invoking sacred harmony and unconditional love. 

In 2020, Khem Reyall's Spirit Guides gifted her the pillars and was shortly initiated to explore them deeper with her soul family, that was when they began to come to life and were fully embraced. Marissa has also committed herself to these pillars and to sharing them with our community.

Ka'nnection Pillars  Opening.png

For all 9 Ka'nnection Pillars and to experience the power of ka'nnection check out our self-paced Ka'nnection Course.

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