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Khem Reyall

Khem Reyall is the director, guide, keeper, and initiator of the Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School. She opened the school in 2020 after receiving a powerful vision from her Spirit Guides about bringing the ancient teachings of truth, harmony and love to modern times. Khem is committed to providing all the necessary tools and teachings to those who are ready to pursue a path of devotion.

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Her Story

Khem Reyall inherited her clairaudience and spiritual gifts from both her maternal and paternal sides. She is of Honduran descent.

She began her spiritual awakening at the age of 13 when her heart led her to join her local Baptist Christian church, and she devoted herself to worship, and healing. However, at 16, she left the church to explore world philosophies like Buddhism and Hinduism, which led to a spiritual awakening and a realization that God, Creator, and Spirit transcended religion. 

When she was 16 years old, she met her Vietnamese soul family who supported her journey to study Buddhism and meditation. They also encouraged her during her travels in Vietnam and Thailand in 2015. It was during this time that Khem discovered her spiritual gifts of seeing and clairaudience. Upon arriving in Asia, she was guided to honor her passion for music and spiritual devotion, which led her to discover Sound Healing. In 2016, she studied at the Sage Academy and began her sound healing practice. 

The following year, she heard in a meditation from one of her ascended masters, Thoth, that she was ready to learn about the ancient teachings of Sekhem. In 2017, she studied with her beloved teacher, Diana Ruth Shoemaker, and began her initiations to understand the teachings, which later took her to Egypt, where she was profoundly guided to understand ancestral work and shadow work. 

After returning from her trip, she met her Spiritual Soul Mother, Laura Parker, who took on the role of being Khem's Elder in learning to further integrate her teachings in this lifetime. 

Khem is a holy woman, who is devoted to healing the many aspects of her lineage. Her journey is deep and meaningful, and she is always willing to share her experiences with others. Khem strongly believes that we all carry the wisdom of The Sacred within us and that we are all capable of awakening to this remembrance.


If you feel drawn to this sacred path, we highly recommend joining Khem and the other devoted souls at the Mystery School.

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