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Hear The Sacred Sounds


Hear the Sacred Sounds is for the Woman who is ready to clearly see the spiritual world within everyday life on Earth. It is for the Women who are ready to l i s t e n to the sacred whispers that come from within her, It is for the Woman who is ready to meet herself in her power and purity, her wild wisdom and softness, her authenticity and truth. Hear the Sacred Sounds is for her...


Hear the Sacred Sounds began its journey on December 25th, 2019. It was on this day that Khem Reyall had a profound dream guided by Spirit, of a virus that would impact us all. Spirit shared the importance of reconnecting with the true meaning of love, reawakening our Spiritual Gifts, in support of healing the Earth, and preventing the spread of fear.


During our time together we will learn how to connect with our intuition and learn how to distinguish the difference between our ego thoughts and the voice of Spirit. We will learn the true meanings of Love, what that can look like and how we can express it, along with deprogramming the fears surrounding the heart.

We will learn how to listen to the Wisdom of Life, the Earth, and everything and everyone around us while implementing balance within the density and realities we must face. If you wish to learn how to navigate your inner world feeling honestly connected to yourself, Hear The Sacred Sounds is for you...

"Clairaudience is the ability to clearly hear those in Spirit,

speaking to you externally or internally."

Hear The Sacred Sounds 2023
Loving Teachers + Guides

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March 11- April 15, 2023

March 11 - Temple of the Black Obsidian

March 15 - Temple of Earth

March 22 - Temple of the Heart

March 25 - Temple of Song

March 29 - Becoming My Truth 

April 8 - In Person Retreat

April 12 - Temple of Ether

April 15 - Temple of Celebration

We will gather 7 times online via Zoom, and 1 time in person throughout the 6 weeks. 

All Zoom calls will be recorded & can be downloaded. If you can't attend the in-person day retreat, you will have the option of joining us virtually and/or can attend in 2023.


The weekend Day Retreat will take place at Inner Circle Farm in Patterson, NY.   


A message from Khem:

"On December 25th, 2019, I dreamed of a virus that would fill the world with frequencies of fear, changing our lives forever.


When I woke up from this dream, Spirit shared the importance of connecting with the frequencies of our soul's purity to clear our channels and reawaken our Ka'nnection to life's loving guidance.


In January 2020, I spent the entire month channeling what we now know to be "Hear the Sacred Sounds." I had a strong calling to begin this gathering on March 13th, 2020. This day turned out to be when New York and Connecticut went under a lockdown due to COVID-19. 


This container has changed the lives of many and continues to provide deep remembrance of our soul's true purity and wisdom.


We are honored to gather for the 4th year in a row."​​



Hear The Sacred Sounds
Alumni + Guest Speakers