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2025 Certification Program

Alkhemical Sound Healing 

Welcome to the gateway of profound healing and transformation through the ancient art of Alkhemical Sound Healing. For those ready to embark on a certification program to become certified sound healers, our Annual Alkhemy Sound Healing Training Program awaits—an extraordinary journey into the alkhemy of sound.


What is Alkhemical Sound Healing?

Alkhemical Sound Healing is a sacred exploration into the alkhemy of vibrational frequencies and ancient wisdom. It goes beyond the realms of conventional sound therapy, diving deep into the elemental energies that weave the fabric of existence. This transformative modality is not just a practice; it's a way of unlocking the inherent healing potential within oneself and others.


Why Choose the Alkhemy Sound Healing Certification Program?


𓆃 Comprehensive Mentorship:

  Immerse yourself in a comprehensive mentorship program meticulously designed to guide you through the elemental energies—Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Each weekend unfolds a new layer of wisdom, empowering you to harness the healing power of sound with mastery.


𓆃 Empowerment Through Elemental Energies:

  Unveil the ancient secrets of vocal toning, song activation, movement, and instrumental training representing each element. This program empowers you to embody the essence of Earth, flow with the currents of Water, ignite the passion of Fire, breathe with the winds of Air, and connect with the boundless Ether.


𓆃 In-Person Alkhemy Experience:

  Alkhemical Sound Healing is an immersive journey meant to be experienced in person. Feel the resonance of the teachings, the energy of the group, and the transformative power of sound in a communal setting.


𓆃 Certificate of Mastery:

  Upon completion of each weekend, receive a Certificate of Mastery, acknowledging your commitment to the art and science of Alkhemical Sound Healing.

All individuals who wish to join are welcome.


👇🏽 Enroll Today

📅 Alkhemy Sound Healing Training 2025 Dates:



Experience the tranquility of our Sanctuary in Patterson, NY, where all weekend retreats are hosted. Choose from camping under the stars or opt for communal lodging for a truly immersive retreat experience.

If you are unable to attend a weekend, you have the option to make it up in the year 2026.

Certificate of Completion:

  Receive a certificate of completion after each immersive weekend, acknowledging your commitment to the art and science of sound healing.


Full Weekend Price:

  Enroll for a single transformative weekend at $688, or secure your spot for the entire mentorship program and save.

Tuition Cost:

Secure your spot in the full certification program for a discounted rate of $2888.


A deposit of $1118 is required to reserve your space.


Alternatively, you can attend individual weekends for $688 each.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we delve into the elemental realms of sound, unlocking the secrets of Alkhemy. Elevate your practice, deepen your connection with the healing arts, and become a steward of transformative sound.


Secure your place now and let the symphony of healing begin!

If you’d like more information about this mentorship program, get in touch today.

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