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Sekhem Sound Healing

 Master Teacher Training

What is Sekhem Sound Healing?

Sekhem is an Ancient Egyptian healing system that inspires the energy of the heart center to open, allowing one to access their soul and their connection to the earth, heaven, and Spirit. When the gates of the heart open, we begin our remembrance process, subsequently receiving healing, wisdom, and ever-increasing levels of living light energy. Sound Healing is one of the main tools used in Sekhem that inspires this deep awakening, and this is why I call my practice Sekhem Sound Healing. Together Sekhem + Sound Healing remind you of your innate truth, purpose, and love.


With great honor, I invite you to step onto your path of committed devotion towards living a life of harmony.


This is for you if:

♡ You have completed the Sekhem Initiation Training.

♡ You feel a deep calling to devote your life to ALL LOVE.

♡ You are an artist, empath, musician, lightworker, or spiritual practitioner that wishes to ENHANCE your connection with your intuition and higher self?


♡ You are ready to learn all the tools + techniques to ALKHEMIZE your life and assist those around you in doing the same!


When joining this sound healing journey, you will deeply grow to understand your SOULS desires + gifts, while stepping into your power and remembering to feel EMPOWERED when being seen in your authentic expression! 


This training includes:

  • 20 hours of in-person training

  • Hands-on learning with the Crystal Singing Bowls, Shruti Box, Native American Drums, Himalayan Singing Bowls, & Tuning Forks.

  • Master Teacher Certification​

Now is the time to REMEMBER how to use your gifts of love to heal yourself and help others through their remembrance process.


You are Ready.

After our 6 weeks together you will understand how to alchemize your energy, facilitate Sound Baths, and learn how to safely hold space for yourself and others.


You will also receive your Sound Healing Master Teacher Certification, which allows you to begin your spiritual healing practice, add to your current spiritual business, & teach others the power of Sound Energy Work.


When completing this Master Teacher Training you will become a Priestess in the Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School. All Priestesses receive 10% off all classes + courses.

~The 10% offer excludes ALL MASTER TEACHER TRAINING and RETREATS. You will be required to attend at least one yearly “Sekhem Priestesses Ceremony” to maintain this offer (these take place twice a year in-person & online).


Do you wish to MASTER your life by becoming a Sekhem Energy Healing Practitioner?

Visit the Sekhem Initiation Training Page!

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