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The RhythmsKhem Reyall
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The Rhythms

By Khem Reyall


I feel so much excitement and joy sharing my first channeled song called "The Rhythms." This song was gifted to me in a dream. The melodies came in dream, and I later caught the lyrics:

Listening to the melodies

that follow me to guide me

on this journey.

I hear the voices of

my spirit guides 

the birds that fly

the wind that glides me 

down the forest.

As I walk,

through the woods,


I hear the rhythm. (x2)

Beating to my heart.


Khem Reyall 

Sherman, CT

Khem Reyall is a songstress and Sekhem Sound Healer from Danbury, CT. She believes that the greatest healing instrument is the voice, and so she opens herself up as a vessel for the loving songs of Great Spirit to flow through her.

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