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Sekhem Internship

Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School's intention is to always provide more opportunities for students to continue expanding their practices and businesses. 


We’re honored to announce that beginning in September we will be welcoming one student per month as an intern. Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School will focus on further providing women the tools needed to become successful Sekhem Practitioners and Entrepreneurs. 


Examples of the candidates responsibilities include:

  • Emailing and connecting with potential students and clients

  • Posting on Facebook and Social Media

  • Organizing/cleaning Sanctuary after and before classes/events

  • Making important phone calls 

  • Organizing monthly calendar and schedule 

  • Posting upcoming events on social media and websites

  • Customer service

  • Bookkeeping



  • Must have completed at least your Sekhem Sound Healing Training or Sekhem Master Teacher Training or both. 

  • Must be able to commit to completing your internship in a total of 4-5 weeks, 16 hours total.

  • Must have strong oral and written communications skills, and be able to work effectively and build relationships with others.

  • Must have a personal commitment to working with diverse clientele and colleagues.

  • Must be willing to travel and attend flexible hours. This position requires attendance at night and on weekends.


PLEASE READ: This opportunity is an extension to all Training provided by Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School, LLC, and is considered a volunteer opportunity. However, not all paying students are required or eligible to participate in this internship opportunity. If you do not possess all the qualifications to participate as an intern, Sekhem Remembrance Mystery School, LLC is not responsible or required to select you as an intern or reimburse you in any way. Traveling expenses are students/interns' responsibility. 

Applications for September 2021 are due by August 16, 2021.

Selected Intern will be emailed directly by

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